Nse Ikpe-Ekim, Nigerian actress, says she doesn’t post her husband on social media due to public scrutiny.


The 46-year-old spoke of relationships and her quest for privacy on Friday during a feature on TVC’s ‘Your View‘.

Nse tied the knot with Clifford Sule in 2013 but isn’t known to flaunt her spouse through her social media pages.

Giving reasons for her choice, she said: “I’ve come to understand that my life was constantly being scrutinised by everybody, which is something I had to give up. I’ve given up my privacy because of the kind of privacy I’m in.


“So, do I want him to be part of that? No. It’s actually the love that makes me keep him away. We haven’t talked about it a lot but I know that a few people send him messages and say, ‘she never puts you up’.

“I’m not saying my relationship is perfect or those who put theirs out don’t have a perfect relationship. I’m saying that I’m comfortable with the fact that I have something I could call mine and I’m not sharing it with anybody.”

When quizzed on her opinion about ladies who front financial security in marriage to enrich their poor parents, the actress said it’s not the duty of the daughter or son to take care of their family after walking down the aisle.


“It’s not the duty of the child to take care of their mother. It’s the other way. We have been forced to think that, when we work, we have to take care. No, we don’t have to take care. We have to take care of us first,” she added.

“And that’s why a lot of people are under pressure like, ‘My family has to do this. My mother has to have this’. You don’t have a job, yet, you want to force another person’s son or daughter to take care of your family.

“It doesn’t make any sense to me and that’s personal. Parents should give themselves a sense of worth so they don’t get bought. Even if he has money, you should marry him because you truly like him.”


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