Making decisions on date ideas as a couple is an important aspect of any relationship. Both parties aspire that their beliefs and principles are considered when date decisions are put in place.


For an earth-loving couple conscious of keeping their immediate environment safe and pollution-free, this mannerism should be applied when deciding date ideas.

The application of your eco-friendliness should not be a fun-killer though.

Plan an eco-friendly outdoor picnic


An eco-friendly picnic is almost like any other regular picnics except, in this case, both partners are conscious of preserving the environment around them.

Go for reusable cutlery, dishes, wine glasses and cups. This means that every form of disposable cutlery or dishes should be avoided. Resist the use of single-use polybags and substitute them for picnic baskets and sacks.

Be careful not to litter the picnic venue and adhere to the guiding rules of the picnic venue (if applicable), like feeding certain animals or staying beyond a suggested time.


Take an eco-friendly hike

According to United Nations’ statistics in 2016, 4.2 million people globally died from ambient air pollution. As we know, the emissions from cars increase the levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere leading to air pollution.

Ditch the cars more often and opt for eco-friendly mobile options such as bicycles and walking. Take a hike (if you’re both physically fit and active) on the nearest mountain or hill alone or with a group.

Additionally, you could try cycling long to moderate distances together.


Remember to substitute single-use water containers and snack wraps for reusable water containers and snack bowls or plates with lids. Also trash any dirt responsibly by holding on to them until you get to a trash bin.

Avoid excreting or urinating in prohibited natural areas.

Volunteer for earth-friendly projects

What better way to ensure a more sustainable environment than physical contribution? Sign up to volunteer with local or international earth-friendly projects like beach clean-ups, earth-friendly teaching, and sensitization projects.


Alternatively, sign up for retreats with earth-friendly themes. By doing this, both of you can bond better as you work towards achieving a common goal.

Visit a local market or farm

With the availability of supermarkets, kiosks and malls, local market shopping might seem outlandish. Plan towards shopping at a local food or fruit market. Inquire on the best shopping days for the chosen market.

Remember to substitute single-use plastic, and other non-degradable plastic bags for reusable sacks, tote bags, baskets, shopping bags. If you both are feeling extra earthy, sensitize the local market men and women on the dangers of using plastic sacks.


You two may also decide to visit a local farm, fishery, or ranch, nearby.

Start a garden together

Plants detoxify the environment as they release oxygen into their immediate environment. Visit a nearby plant store and adopt plants and vegetables to plant in your garden.

Beyond aesthetics, having a garden teaches responsibility and patience; two important for any couple

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