In recent times, hairlines have become gold in the female hair business. ‘Baby hair’, a popular hairstyling trend for edges were major social media raves popularized by social media influencers. You can imagine then, how hairlines became gold.


In an era where the hair is celebrated for a lot of reasons namely: political, professional and artistic, it’d be sad spotting bald edges.

Although sometimes, receding hairlines could be genetic and hormonal, some of us are solely responsible for our hair loss.

Here are some common habits costing your hairline:



Braids are common and effective protective hairstyles. However, they can become curses in disguise of blessings when worn improperly. Braiding too often is often discouraged especially if the scalp will continually undergo pressure from being too tightly held at the edges.

Making braids that are too tight around the edges, risk them falling off eventually together with your edges! If you wear braids often, ask your hairstylist to completely avoid picking the hair around your scalp area. And if at all, to braid the area as loosely as possible.


Wigs are excellent alternatives of protective hairstyles and are considerably safer than braids.

Overuse of scalp-controlling products

Scalp-controlling products such as gels and edge-controls are excellent for achieving the perfect “baby hairstyles”. But caution should be taken when using these products.

Making sure to gently wash off these products daily and avoiding daily use might save you more scalp hair than you may believe possible.


Blowdrying too often

Conducted in the right amount, blow-drying effects on various hair textures produce amazing results. But like everything involving hair, too much of activity could potentially pose a threat.

Curling irons and straighteners can potentially produce excessive heat which could cause thinning or loss of hair around the scalp area.

Wearing ponytails too often


Traction alopecia is a condition causing permanent hair loss. This condition is usually encouraged by the styling of hair in tight ponytails and braids too often over time.

Avoid wearing too-tight ponytails over a long period of time. Alternate ponytails with other styles requiring as little as possible strain on the scalp.

Brushing your wet hair too often

Ladies spotting nappy hair types will agree that the best time to comb out their hair is usually when wet. However, too much of combing the hair when wet could lead to hair loss.


Next time, while combing out your wet hair, be more gentle or let it dry off.

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