Sex is not a one-way street, so dear ladies, don’t leave it all to the man to figure out.


That a man will want his woman to occasionally take the lead and initiate sexual intercourse is not out of the ordinary.

Although men on average have 30 times more testosterone than women, they don’t always want to be the party pushing for sex or making the first move.

Here are reasons women should also initiate sex.


Men, like women, also want to be desired

When you initiate sex, your partner is reassured that you still find him desirable enough to start the process of lovemaking.

Just like women, men also suffer from issues of insecurity and inadequacy, particularly about their sexual prowess.


Expecting him to woo you for sex all the time may create the impression that he is not wanted or that you are not interested in him and this can lead to dissatisfaction, disgruntlement and ultimately discord in a relationship.

He doesn’t always know when you want sex

Women are not often predictable, especially when it comes to sex matters.

No matter how much your partner has you figured out, he is not a mind reader.


He can’t always know when you are interested in having sex, even if you are giving a ton of signals.

So, rather than being subtle, make a bold move and lead him to the bed.

It helps you enjoy sex more

It is a known fact that the more you have sex, the more you would yearn for it.


By initiating sex, you effectively take charge of the sexual encounter and can steer it to your liking.

Let go of your inhibitions and give in to your wildest fantasies and vary the pace based on what you want.

It makes him happy

A sexually-satisfied man is a happy man, but when your lover is sex-starved, there’s room for problems.


Sex heightens the level of connection and intimacy, and you will find that your relationship will be better for it if your sex life is decent.

Also, the fact that you are willing to stoke the fire of lovemaking will ultimately increase his excitement level and put him in a good mood.

So, dear ladies, don’t always wait for your lover to come on to you. Often times, throw on some sexy underwear, touch him in all his tender spots and he will surely get the memo.

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