Throwing hard currency in the air during festivities has long been considered something of a party starter in Nigeria.


For Nigerians, cutting open a wad of clean naira bills and throwing it at a dancing partygoer is a status signal.

It is a silent declaration that a person of affluence is in the room.

However, law enforcement has been cracking down on prominent individuals who spray naira at festivities in recent times.


This practice, it would emerge, violates section 21 (3) of Nigeria’s CBN Act 2007.

It amounts to defacing Nigeria’s legal tender and has been increasingly frowned upon.

The law prohibits spraying money at events. It stipulates a sanction of imprisonment, fines, or both.


The increasing public knowledge about the existence of this law has caused many to consider alternatives to the money spraying culture.

  • Prop money

One of the creative alternatives to spraying hard currency at parties is the use of prop money.

Prop money is an imitation currency that resembles real money but is typically used for theatrical purposes.

It is commonly used in movies, music videos, or stage performances.


With its striking resemblance to the real notes, guests can still indulge in throwing and spraying money without the risk of defacing the real notes or violating the law.

To make it fun, the prop money can be customised to match the party’s theme.

  • Digital transactions

It is the era of digital banking and online payment, so why not take advantage of it?

Making digital transactions is another way to avoid the risk of defacing the naira notes at parties.


Mobile banking apps, online payment platforms, or digital wallets can be used to transfer monetary gifts to the celebrant.

Contributions can also be made towards the event’s expenses.

The use of digital transactions can make it easy for people to contribute to the event remotely.

  • Non-monetary gifts

Gifting non-monetary items at parties can also be considered a replacement for spraying notes.


Guests can support a party host by bringing in gifts that hold value.

These gifts could be personalised or handmade items that align with the celebrant’s interests.

Non-monetary gifts even create a heightened sense of thoughtfulness and intentionality.

  • Decorative envelopes

For guests who wish to present monetary gifts at the event, decorative envelopes are a practical alternative.

Guests can put in their monetary contributions or the money they would have had sprayed inside these decorative envelopes.

The envelopes can be customised and made available on-site by the host to fit the decor or theme of the event.

Just imagine the touch of sophistication that would add to the party.

  • Redeemable vouchers

Redeemable vouchers are also a thing to consider.

Instead of presenting or spraying physical cash, a host can make available an array of gift vouchers with pre-set monetary value.

The guest gets to pay in cash and then ostensibly gift the voucher to the celebrant.

Beyond cash, the voucher could also entitle the host to redeem specific goods or services at their convenience.

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