Australian workers are at liberty to put down their tools and go home the second it starts raining or during abnormal weather conditions such as hail, extreme cold and windy weather.


This is due to the extreme weather conditions and torrential rains troubling the country in Oceania in recent times following the powerful cold fronts.

According to Daily Mail, the country’s workplace relations tribunal stated that workers are entitled to go home if rain or abnormal weather conditions make it “unreasonable or unsafe” to continue working.

In situations where it starts raining before stipulated work hours, employees have the luxury to stay at home until it stops raining or when covered walkways are available.


According to Safe Work Australia, the state’s statutory agency with the responsibility of improving worker’s health and safety, employees are also mandated to postpone outdoor works and provide access to shelter whenever it rains or when the weather takes a turn.

The agency, jointly funded by the commonwealth and the Australian government, was established in 2009 under the Safe Work Australia Act of 2008.

It represents and governs commercial jobs with the goals to reduce death, injury and disease in workplace.


Also, the state’s Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union (CFMMEU), also stipulated that workers whose job description entails pouring concrete are entitled to double pay when assigned duties are executed in the rain.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) guidelines also stated that workers are entitled to 30 minutes break per hours once the temperature hits between 4°C and 1°C.

Australian workers can also take 20 minutes break if the mercury plummets between 7°C and 4°C and ten minutes between 9°C and 7°C.

Although these regulations vary from state to state in Australia, it does not entirely apply to self-employed workers who exercise personal control over their work hours.


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