Taiwo Olaseinde, the widow of Mufutau Sanni, the late actor better known as Ajigijaga, has opened up on her challenges after her husband died.


Ajigijaga passed away in July 2015 at the age of 60. He was said to have died from complications from an accident.

Speaking on the TalktoB podcast, Olaseinde claimed Ajigijaga’s family sent her packing on the same day he died.

She alleged that she was eight months pregnant with her second child when she was asked to leave the actor’s house.


“It was that my husband’s firstborn (son) that stood up and said do you know Ajigi has died now? They cannot take care of Jamal’s mother. That Jamal’s mother should go to her house the day they buried my husband,” she said.

“I was now left with my children. I did not take a pin outside of the house. Not even underwear. I was left with the only clothes I quickly wore. I was told to return to my parents house because they could not take care of me. Remember I was eight months pregnant and I was still going to mourn my husband’s death.

“Where have you heard in Yoruba culture that a widow undergoes her widowhood rites in her parents’ house while her father was still alive?


“They did not want me to come for the eight-day remembrance of my late husband.”

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