Before 2020, no one could have guessed that the events of the first quarter would rock the entire world. Then the COVID-19 pandemic happened. And since then, the events resulting from the disease have formed topics of discussion, concern, and even a turning point for some.


With an event as drastic as the pandemic, life is sure to change in more ways than we can imagine.

More than we may care to admit, our lifestyle choices have changed since the Rona came to town. Here are some ways people’s lifestyles have changed:

  • Face Masks Are The New Must-Have Fashion Accessory

Face masks are here to stay. At the early stages of the worldwide outbreak of corona, medical personnel advised the public to adhere to making use of masks as a preventive measure to reduce the spread of the virus.


At the time, this was just a medical recommendation but now, the face mask game has totally changed. No longer are people just wearing the regular plain, boring disposable masks. Fashion designers have churned out great face masks inspirations made from both semi-luxury to luxury materials. Patterns, such as velvet, satin, have been experimentally used in designing face masks.

In fact, the face mask game is taken a step further when some people wear facemasks to match their outfits.

  • Big Events Are The New Evil

Yep. Large religious gatherings, concerts, raves, parties, etc are the new evil. No longer are companies and individuals organizing events attracting large audience during this period.


Instead, people are opting for virtual spaces as alternatives to hosting their large events. And in cases beyond their control, people and organisations opt for smaller events. For instance, a wedding ceremony which could have taken a gathering of 100 people will be substituted for a virtual wedding where attendees follow the ceremony online; watching from a distance.

  • Everyone Needs Their Own Space. Literally

The time for maximising personal space is here. With the nature of the disease, keeping a good distance from people is an important way to keep safe.

We’ve seen basic gestures like handshakes, hugs, and perks dying off among strangers and sometimes, with friends. Waves, bows, feet-shakes and air gestures have replaced the way we used to greet and express salutation to others.

Major lifestyle change alert guys.

  • Remote Work Is The New Normal

You’re probably tired of hearing the term “remote work”. This work culture is a major lifestyle change for a lot of people and is gradually taking a solid stand in the working economy.

Some people have already adapted to working from home in their sleepwear and consuming more internet than they ever have. Virtual meetings are the new normal so also are other work tasks which should have been executed virtually.

  • COVID-19 Jokes

There’s never a situation no matter how deadly or serious that has escaped being the topic of humour in Nigeria. The COVID-19 is not an exception.

Comedy skits on the subject are not lacking. Conversations laced with COVID jokes are also common and it’s very likely you too, know at least one of these jokes.

  • Change In Spending Culture

Remember when you used to spend on some unnecessary stuff? We bet the pandemic has somehow changed your spending culture.

Now, most people can confirm that at the start of the lockdown, they assumed they’d be saving more since they wouldn’t have to spend on transportation. Most soon realised that all that transportation money would go into data and internet subscriptions. Mad science really.

You may not have noticed it, but you’re more conscious of the price of items when you shop these days. Coincidence? I think not.

Recognize any changes that apply to you?


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