Death, they say, is scary and inevitable. But at London’s coffin club in UK, members discuss their funerals and decorate their own caskets even before their final send off.


According to BBC, the club — the first of its kind in London — helps people to plan and prepare for their funerals and welcomes everyone regardless of their beliefs.

The club also offers flat-pack coffins at a discounted price and allows people to build and decorate them to their own taste.

“This is my coffin when I die,” one of the members can be heard saying.


Jane Morgan, who runs the club, pointed out that the idea behind its formation was to allow people take charge of situations regarding their death and funeral themselves.

“Coffin Club North London is the first Coffin Club in London. Sadly, we are all getting to a certain age and you know it might be on the horizon. It is about taking back the control of the process so that we can as much of this ourselves as possible,” she said.

Redy Redfern, a member of the club, said such platform would ensure his funeral won’t bug his family because it makes the process easier.


Redfern, who considers a cheap cremation, was seen at the club experimenting how he would be laid in the coffin when he dies.

“The smell (referring to the coffin) is quite nice, it feels quite comfortable. Yeah, I’d be happy to get burnt like this. I’m by myself and I am going stay that way. That way, I don’t need to bother anyone else about my death,” he said.

Sandra Greenyer, another member of the club, also acknowledged the process helps get rid of extravagances  during funerals.

“A lot of it is about saving money or not spending money unnecessarily. Yeah, feels good, I know I can fit in it (coffin). We know I can’t put up on any weight. I’ll probably flat-pack it again and keep it under my bed. I said we won’t be able to do that next time,” she said.


Karen Mfuk, who assisted Greenyer in the construction of her own coffin, said making it themselves is better than buying it somewhere else.

“I’d rather us have built something together that she was going to be buried or cremated in. Rather than a, just bought something,” she said.

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