The Guinness World Records (GWR) has certified Clara Chizoba Kronborg, the Nigerian social media entrepreneur, as the holder of the longest interviewing marathon.


Kronborg broke the world record for the longest interviewing marathon with a time of 55 hours 24 seconds.

The Nigerian lady, who grew up in Onitsha, held the marathon between March 8 to 10 wherein she interviewed 90 people of various nationalities and occupations.

The conversations were centred on how each guest achieved success in their respective field.


Kronborg was permitted a five-minute break for each hour which she could use to take a nap, bath, or change her clothes.

Speaking about her motivations, Clara said she attempted the record because of her passion for success and to “amplify the voices of hardworking women using their stories to inspire others”.

“This record attempt was about bringing together diverse individuals, sharing their inspiring narratives, and forging meaningful connections on a global scale,” she said.


“I am committed to amplifying voices, particularly those of hardworking women, and using their stories to inspire others facing similar challenges.”

Clara revealed that one of her toughest challenges during the exercise was the pain she battled from her monthly flow.

“Even worse, my period started the same day, and I was already having intense menstrual cramps,” she added.

“At some point, I was literally dripping pee and period stain, but I persevered and kept my eyes on the goal. To anyone who ever reads this, once you find your purpose, go after it with everything you’ve got.


“Recalling everything I went through physically, mentally, financially, emotionally – it feels so unreal.

“I am extremely proud of this accomplishment because I know lives have been touched and changed.

“This achievement is dedicated to all those who dare to dream and persist, regardless of the challenges they face.”

In an official statement on Wednesday, the GWR certified Clara as the current world record holder.


The previous record was 37 hours 44 minutes by Rob Oliver (USA) in 2022.

In December, Amuda Mariam completed a 100-hour marathon to set a new record for the longest television talk show.

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