Asking for help can be a difficult thing to do sometimes because we do not want to hear “no” and other times because we do not want others to think of us as weak.


Somehow, society has associated asking for help with negativity such as; vulnerability or poverty. This myopic reasoning has put a lot of people in trouble since they cannot ask and get the help they need at certain times in their lives.

Asking for help has been denoted with such negativity that people see it as a last option to be dreaded when every other measure fails.

In this article, we’ll be discussing some reasons why you should ask for help more often:

  • Asking For Help Builds Friendships

When you ask for help from someone, you never really know if a new relationship could stem out of it. Sometimes, you might get help from the last person you’d expect from.

And sometimes, this could be the start of something new; a new acquaintance, a new partner, a new friendship, etc.

Unfortunately, if you continue to shy away from asking for help, you might be missing out on the possibilities of new friendships or relationships. And additionally, asking others for help can help prevent you from repeating the mistakes of others.


For instance, if you ask Person A for help with processing your Master’s Degree applications, this person might point out the mistakes they made which you are repeating. Of course, this would save you time, wasted energy, and increased productivity.

  •   Asking For Help Decreases Stress

It can get quite tasking trying to solve a problem ourselves and this could become a huge stressor. Stress could also happen when a problem we’re trying to solve only gets worse.

However, when we ask for help, the stress of bearing the burdens of our problems becomes lighter as we can see things from new dimensions through the involvement of someone else other than ourselves.

Remember that humans are social beings and work better with others. And sometimes, some problems or areas in our lives require the perspective of someone other than ourselves.

  • Asking For Help Boosts Productivity

Asking for help will open your mind to the fresh perspectives that others bring to the table. A person you ask for help can introduce a new and better way to handle a problem at hand.

In addition to this, asking for help can help you learn new ways to address the problem in question.

Productivity as mentioned earlier, will reduce stress, and increase your overall quality of living.

  • Asking For Help Teaches You How To Accept Rejection

Rejection is a reality most of us avoid because it hurts and leaves us vulnerable. This shouldn’t be the case, however. Rejection isn’t only meant to leave us dry and hanging but is a way to prepare us for the inevitabilities of life.


When you ask for help, not everyone will jump at the opportunity to help and this is fine because not everyone should be involved in providing solutions to your problems at given times.

Learn to see rejections as options which didn’t work out rather than as painful final bus stop. Learning how to accept rejections objectively is a master key to possess in a world full of uncertainties.

  • Asking For Help Makes You Happy

Don’t you feel happier knowing that at least one person is involved in solving a problem you have after you have asked them for help? Of course, you would.

It would certainly leave you feeling happy knowing that someone is offering their time, skills, thoughts, or any other kind of resources in aiding you. This means that you are important and that your problem is also significant to them.


Of course, without asking for help, you may never have experienced this joy from getting help.

It should be noted that contrary to popular myths, asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness but one of maturity and courage. This habit will not only strengthen these 5 areas discussed in this article, but will also help improve your problem-solving skills, and empathy- since you can relate to the reality of needing help.

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