Socrates “Know Thyself” quote is apt in reminding us of the importance of self-awareness. In simple terms, being self-aware is being conscious or in the know of one’s emotions and feelings. This means that one has the ability to assess self correctly at all times. 


Self-awareness opens up a person’s consciousness to their strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies, which in turn enables them to manage their emotions better.

But why is self-awareness important? And how can one go about being self-aware? The answers lie in self-discovery.

Self-discovery, on the other hand, deals with the process of learning about oneself and belief. A master of self-discovery results in a self-aware individual.


Although the journey to self-discovery isn’t an easy one, these few simple steps will guide through this life-changing process:

  • Take Time To Be Quiet

Oftentimes one is bound to be in a place or space with other people be it at work, home, in a bus, on a bank queue, at the shopping mall, or on the street.

The fact is that a lot of times, it can be difficult to have some personal quiet time. This noise has to be gotten rid of. By deliberately and intentionally picking out a day or two to be with your thoughts is a step in the right direction to take on your journey to self-discovery.

  • Answer The Question, “Who Am I”’

While this question might seem ridiculous at first, you’ll realize it’s even harder to provide an honest answer.

Now that you’re in a quiet place where you think clearly, focus on the things that make up your personality and attempt answering this question. If possible and for better results, have a notebook beside you. 

In the book, write down the things that define you. It shouldn’t be elements like your job or your net worth. But simple things such as; things that make you happy, or the kind of fears you have.

When you have these things listed out, you’re ready for the next step.

  • Digest Resources on Self Discovery

Knowledge is power and in the journey of self-discovery, knowledge is an important asset. Shop books, buy audiobooks, sign up to audio content such as podcasts, and visual content such as YouTube Channels focusing on Self Development and Self Awareness.

As you consume these content, make notes, and cross-check them with the initial answers you gave when defining yourself.

  • Know Your Temperament Thoroughly

Tim Lahaye’s, ‘Why You Act The Way You Do’, establishes four major temperaments; Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholy, and Phlegmatic, as being the four major personality types.

The author also points out that everyone is usually a blend of two or more of these temperaments. His book offers insight into the distinct behaviour of the various temperaments in life situations such as; finances, education, raising kids, lovemaking, and even marriage.


The advantage of knowing your temperament is that it’ll be easier to narrow down why you have the type of emotions and tendencies you experience.

Additionally, attempt the test chart included in the book to evaluate your possible temperament.

  • Find Out Your Passions

Knowing those things that keep you going is a great way of self-discovery. 

  • Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Now that you possibly are aware of your personality, it’s time to rewrite and spell out your weaknesses and strengths. 


Make a table with both opposites on each column and write and fill out the appropriate qualities under each. After doing this, ask your trusted friends or family members to analyse your strengths and weaknesses. After they respond, include this to your list.

  • Know Your Patterns

Behavioural patterns are a recurrent way an individual would act in a given situation. For instance, person A’s behavioural pattern in a hostile situation is to walk away as they never want to be confrontational. This means that whenever a hostile situation occurs such as; a fight, they’ll most likely leave the scene.

Every one of us has patterns, some are good, others bad.  Acknowledging your behavioural patterns and putting them down in writing will keep your mind alert to them and hopefully, come up with strategies to curb negative patterns.

  • Work On Yourself

You may be surprised to realize that self-awareness isn’t a destination, but a journey. Because we change with time and situations. That way, we always need to keep up with our emotions, feelings, and expressions.

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