Kaffy, the Nigerian dancer, says having children should not be a requirement for people to get married.


In a Facebook live session with Daddy Freeze, she argued that it is wrong to force people into marriage because they had children out of wedlock.

“If my son grows up and realizes he has battled with keeping a woman and he is trying to make a decision, I will advise him not to get married,” she said.

“I am not the kind of parent that will say ooh because she is pregnant, marry her. I am not going to do that.


“I do not believe that having kids should tie anybody into matrimonial bondage. Not everyone that has children should be a parent, they do not even have parental qualities.

“I think tradition sometimes puts us in some kind of cage, you give am belle, marry am. But unfortunately, humanity is complicated, everything is not black and white, and there are grey areas in human behavior.

“Should I marry a lunatic just because they are pregnant for me? Or should I marry someone that is not wise? I think the choice is in the reasoning, I am not going to tell my son to marry if he is not what a responsible husband will be.”


Kaffy and Joseph Ameh, the music producer, tied the knot in 2012.

In 2022, she confirmed the end of their union, which produced two children.

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