Victoria Inyama, Nigerian actress, has called out women who indulge in illicit affairs with married men, tearing homes apart in the process.


In a series of posts on her social media page, the movie star said it is unfortunate the practice has become commonplace in the society.

This, she observes, was indicative of the fact that some women have become heartless, caring less about the effect their actions could have on families.

“How we have turned into a heartless generation. Women….How do you enjoy sex with him then tell your children ‘God bless you? How? How much are you worth?,” she wrote on Instagram.


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How we have turned into a heartless generation 😔 Women….How do U enjoy sex with him then tell your children 'God bless U?.How? How much are you worth? When another woman is in tears? A woman is d birther of life …..and death too……. Every thing we do has consequences…Every thing… Always remember that…. Ķá Çhìńèķè méżìè óķwù Good morning 😔😔😔


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“When another woman is in tears? A woman is the birther of life and death too. Every thing we do has consequences. Every thing. Always remember that. Ķá Çhìńèķè méżìè óķwù Good morning.”

She then visited her Insta stories and wrote: “Breaking into a home with the punpun is now a trend…Even the so-called very beautiful babe is a thief.”


Iyama lamented the spate at which single ladies engage in ungodly relationships with married men in the recent times.

The actress also took a swipe at men who crave sex with another woman aside their wives, wondering why they marry in the first instance.


“Every day I watch wedding videos, happy couples yet some girl somewhere is waiting for the groom so they can have sex,” she wrote.

“The groom is thinking of an excuse to travel to have sex with another woman. Please why did you get married in the first place.”

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