Bayanni, born Oladokun Abimbola Elijah, is more than just an artiste; he is a testament to the power of passion and the unwavering influence of family. As he continues to carve his name into the annals of the Nigerian music industry, his goals remain simple yet profound; to create timeless music that touches the soul and makes people feel better. In this interview with TheCable Lifestyle’s Diane Ocheikwu, Bayanni delves into his journey, his experiences in the industry, and his unique creative process.


TheCable: Can you tell us about your journey into the music industry and what inspired you to become an artist?

INTERVIEW: I'll love to work with Kanye West and Adele, says Bayanni

Bayanni: My journey into the music industry started as a kid who just wanted to play instruments. As a kid, I would go to church with my mum and wait till service was all over so I could go to the choir stand and play the instruments. That was where it all began. My mum is the one that inspired me to become an artiste.


TheCable: You got signed in Mavins Records a year ago. What has the experience been like?

Bayanni: The experience has been amazing so far, gotten loads of love from people that I have looked up to at some point in my life, faced some new challenges too which have helped me grow in certain areas of my life

TheCable: How would you describe your style and sound as an artiste?


Bayanni: First, my sound is a mixture of R&B, soul and pop music, and the genre of my kind of music is Afro-pop. My music can make you feel a lot of things including but not limited to happy, good, sad, uplifted and motivated.

INTERVIEW: I'll love to work with Kanye West and Adele, says Bayanni

TheCable: Can you share some insights into your creative process? How do you come up with lyrics?

Bayanni: Creativity hits me in different ways. Last week I was on the road when I got an idea, then I called my producer, and sent a voice note to him, then he came up with a sketch melody to fit the sound I sent, the next day we linked up and finished the song, it was epic!


TheCable: What do you think sets you apart from other emerging artistes in Nigeria?

Bayanni: Everything about me sets me apart from everyone else, from my sound, to how I deliver on my songs, to my appearance, everything.

TheCable: What are some challenges you have faced as a new artiste and how have you overcome them?

Bayanni: I used to get crazy advancements from ladies but for the past year it has been a lot crazier. This one challenge I have not fully been able to overcome


TheCable: How did your collaboration with Jason Derulo come about?

Bayanni: My record Ta Ta Ta was getting a lot of global recognition, that was where it started, then I and my team had meetings on who was right for the remix. The name Jason Derulo was the common name we all suggested. Then we reached out and he said he loved the song! That was how it started.

TheCable: Are there any other artistes you dream of collaborating with?

Bayanni: Yes there are two artistes I dream of collaborating, Kanye West (Ye) and Adele.


TheCable: You have new music coming out soon. Can you share some details about it and what listeners can expect?

INTERVIEW: I'll love to work with Kanye West and Adele, says Bayanni

Bayanni: All I can say about my new music is, it is going to disturb people!!!

TheCable: What message do you hope your music conveys to your audience?

Bayanni: I hope my music makes people feel better in general, music is therapeutic and I like to make music that will get you out of a bad mood.

TheCable: What goals and aspirations do you have as an artiste in the Nigerian music industry?

Bayanni: My major goal in the music scene is to dish out timeless music and music that touches the soul.

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