Most men are unsure of how their lovers/prospective partners will react if they share their dislikes, so they often keep mum and let sleeping dogs lie.


The way a relationship is structured, partners are supposed to express feelings and doubts to make the bond stronger but in the spirit of diplomacy, many men believe that some words are better left unsaid.

Here are some turnoffs billions of men are hesitant to admit.



From time immemorial, it has been established that men are moved by what they see – and one of the first things you’ll notice about a person is their weight.

If you are gaining weight or already overweight, your man might begin to feel uneasy around you.

Sad thing is that he might not be able to tell you for fear of your reaction.


Hygiene habits

Generally, guys are assumed to be nonchalant and women are considered to be hygiene conscious beings.

However, being dirty, messy and unkempt can be a huge turn-off for many men, even those that are dirty, messy and unkempt.

Talking too much


It’s good to talk but being on the extreme is something that almost no one can bear. Men may tolerate a perpetual chatterbox, but deep down, they are irritated.

Being fake

It is good to be polished and informed but being fake can be annoying even to the people close to you. As much as men are attracted to the physical – sometimes superficial attributes – they’d rather have a genuine lover than a phony one.

Acting spoilt


You have probably heard of ladies who love to be pampered by their partners so that they can feel loved. This is all nice and romantic but it becomes a turn off when it seems like she cannot do anything on her own.

Spending all your time on the phone

You would agree that time spent on gadgets has increased with the advent of instant messaging platforms and social media.

Having a partner that spends all of their time on their phones can be annoying.


Rather than complain, many men will endure it and pray for a flat battery or exhaustion of calling credit.

Playing hard to get

There’s a theory that says that ladies should play ‘hard to get’ so that men can value them more when they finally get them.

Truth be told, many men can’t stand this and quite a number would walk away immediately they sense you’re playing ‘hard to get’.

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