Women may be hard to figure out but it’s not exactly herculean to determine the type of gifts they would fancy.


The key in selecting a gift for your woman is going for the type of items she values and craves.

Here are some ideas to help you out:

A signature perfume


It is every woman’s dream to have her own unique fragrance and selecting a signature, customised perfume using the ingredients she loves is a great idea.

Also, she may be into some designer signature perfumes and gifting her one from her most preferred designer is a good move.

Luxurious scented candles


If your woman is big on scented candles, getting her a luxury brand is a great choice.

Be rest assured that when she’s taking a long bath or meditating and the scented candle is lit, you’ll be top on her mind.

A book she craves

As unlikely as it may seem, there are women out there who appreciate being gifted books. If your queen is a book lover, then your best bet for the perfect last-minute gift is a book she desires.


A lovely dress

Women and dresses can never be separated. Gifting your woman a beautiful dress is never a bad idea. The tips to note in choosing a
dress is knowing the type of outfit(s) she has been longing to own (check her wishlists on online stores).

Get her a gadget

If your woman is a tech freak, gifting her a gadget is an excellent idea. Whether’s it’s a new phone, laptop, music player, or headphones, your gesture will surely elicit joy from her.


A pair of shoes

Checking her online store wishlist might give you an idea of the pair(s) of shoes she has been looking forward to owning.

Gifting her a pair of her dream shoes will further endear you to her.


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