Tolu Oniru-Demuren, a Nigerian on-air personality better known as Toolz, says those who falsely accuse others of sexual assault should face harsher penalties.


Allegations of sexual assault have continued to dominate discussions on social media with opinions often divided over whether or not such accusations are usually genuine.

TheCable Lifestyle had reported how Justin UGa Nigeria-born American entertainer, was recently called out on Twitter over an allegation of statutory rape — a claim he denied.

In a post on her Twitter page on Wednesday, the radio personality said it was about time the society put in place stricter punishments for anyone found accusing others of rape falsely.


“As someone who is deeply against sexual assault in any form, (in fact I would gladly vote for rapists to be castrated with no anaesthetic) I think its time to make sure people who falsely accuse others of sexual assault face harsher penalties,” she wrote.

“It’s disgusting and downright evil to falsely accuse someone of such a barbaric crime out of revenge or any other reason. Its also a huge slap in the face for real victims.”

The 28-year-old also condemned unbalanced media reportage of rape accusations.

Toolz said beyond the initial social media buzz often generated by such allegations, media outlets do not usually report when the accusers are eventually proven innocent.

This, the mother of two, said often leave those accused of rape with “irreversibly damaged reputation” even if the allegations turned out to be false.


“When these situations hit social media or the blogs, the noise after the initial accusation is so much louder than when the accusation is proven to be false,” she added.


“Unfortunately the aftermath of this is that you have an innocent person with an irreversibly damaged reputation.”

Omoni Oboli, an actress and film director, had earlier condemned the act while vowing to hunt down anyone who falsely accuses her sons of rape.

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