Justin Ugonna, a Nigeria-born American artist better known as Justin UG, has reacted to a claim by an unidentified young lady that he had sex with her when she was 14.


On Sunday, Justin UG, who is an Imo state-born entertainer, forex trader and fashion entrepreneur, was called out on Twitter by a young lady who accused him of statutory rape after they met at a party.

In a text from the alleged victim, she claimed Justin UG used to “coerce girls” and make them “do things” with him. She also alleged that the singer had made out with her sometime in 2017 when she was 14, claiming he was 16 at the time.

She said she found out he was 20 — as of when they had sex three years ago — recently when Justin marked his 23rd birthday. According to her, the singer had lied about his age, left Nigeria afterwards, and blocked her across social media.


Backing the claims was another Twitter user (Hellz Angel) who wrote: “I genuinely have nothing else to say besides what we already know now. @JustinUg is a narcissistic pedophile, abuser, manipulator, and liar.

“He deserves everything coming to him. One thing I hate is rubbish. Not only did he put a 14-year-old girl through all that, but he also denies it. The funniest part is him thinking his word of mouth will tackle all this solid evidence.

“You’re now trying to come for me? With what please? What exactly have you to build a case that will rescue you.”

Amid the backlash that trailed the now-17-year-old lady’s accusations, Justin took to Twitter to issue a rebuttal.

“Hello everyone, in light of recent accusations it is very important for me to assure you of who I am and what I have always stood for,” the Imo-born musician wrote.


“I am not attempting to trivialize the stories of women and men who have suffered experiences of rape and statutory rape, but because this is a criminal accusation against me.

“It is very important for me to clarify that these accusations are not true and I have never been involved in any situation concerning grooming or sexual relations with an underage girl.

“I would love to have a conversation with you concerning recent accusations. I would also be willing to share these conversations publicly so that everyone can follow through and we can all be on the same page.”

Justin also charged the lady who fronted the allegedly assaulted girl’s claims to make herself available for a public talk.



As of when this report was filed, Nigerians had taken to the microblogging platform to air their mixed reactions.

Below is the content of the text message wherein Justin UG was accused of grooming the “underaged” girl:

“I don’t know if he’s still an abuser or rapist but what! do know is that he used to groom young/underage girls and coerce them into doing stuff with him. The party held in 2016/2017 (1 will confirm the date) by #classified. I spotted Justin, back then he wasn’t of much importance but he was the head of 247 media and he did some MC stuff so he was of some importance. My friends and I waved at him because he knew one of them.

“But the rest of us didn’t know him. I was 14 years old at that time and he was 20 (which I just found out about). He came up to speak to us and then he added the rest of us on Snapchat. I didn’t think much of it. But when I got home, I got a message from him saying I was really attractive and he would like to know me better.

“I told him, ‘thank you’. He proceeded to ask for my age and I told him I was 14. I asked how old he was and he said ‘young enough’. I left him on r because that was shady and I didn’t feel comfortable talking to people who weren’t open. At midnight, He proceeded to send me a photo of his penis with the caption ‘you up’. He told me I had a nice ass and he would like to meet. I told him I wasn’t going to meet him anywhere private but we could be just friends and hang in public. I also pressed to know his age. He eventually told me he was 16, turning 17 that December.

“He said he didn’t want to tell me his age ’cause people don’t take younger guys seriously. Then he apologized and I forgave him. After, my heart came to rest because he was also a minor’ like me so it was okay to mess around. He asked if I was down to have some fun as it was summertime and he also promised he was going to respect my wishes if I didn’t want to. I agreed and told him I would meet up with him at the next party that was held.

“There was another party that came up some days later and it was a house party in jabi. We agreed to meet up. We got there and we went upstairs. I found him attractive so I told him I was down to have fun with him. We went upstairs, found a free room and we started making out. He then wanted to proceed to sex which | had never done.

“I told him I was not ready for that. He pleaded with me and we eventually decided to just do anal sex. Everything was all good and the party ended. We texted back and forth and had anal sex a couple more times that summer before he went back to the US. After a week I realized he had blocked me on Snapchat and I texted him on IG.

“He acted like he didn’t know me. I tried to get some screenshots of the incident from back then but he blocked me everywhere so I couldn’t access old Snapchat messages and he deleted and unsaved too. His snap is @yq_dutch. I just took the situation as one of my heartaches ’cause I shared my body with him. It’s only until recently that I got angry when I realized he celebrated his 23rd birthday this year meaning he lied to me about his age three year ago.

“And guess what, I told his close friend who doesn’t want to be mentioned, about what he did to me and she confronted him. This was on his birthday, the day his movie dropped and he posted his age on IG. All of a sudden, he unblocked me on Snapchat after 3 years and started to talk shit in the screenshots I have below. This was a whole ass 20-year old who lied to me about his age just to get me to have sex with him.

“How can someone groom a 14-year-old when he’s 20. Do you know how sick that is? But surely everyone will side with him because he’s the lovable comedian that you all don’t really know. You will only know the real Justin if you knew him before his fame. | can’t be the only victim, hopefully, no one else was gotten too bad by him.”

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