Toke Makinwa, media personality and beauty entrepreneur, says she does not perceive people with lighter skin as better than those with dark skin.


She said there is “absolutely nothing wrong with” seeking to brighten one’s skin “as far as it is done safely”.

Makinwa made the comment in response to the criticism of her new skin lightening line, ‘Glow by TM’.

The on-air-personality said she believes people should be allowed to make changes to their body and skin as they deem fit without restrictions.


“We are all a work in progress and If you feel your skin can do with a little work, why not,” she said in an interview with BN Style.

“What I will say is that Glow by TM is a skin care line targeted at every woman of color and women who seems to struggle with dark spots, melasma, uneven skin tone and are looking for the perfect shade for their skin.

“I’m not one to judge anybody or tell someone on how to live their life as long as they are comfortable in their own skin and I have never been one who looks at a lighter skin as being better than darker skin.


“Personally, I don’t think self-betterment equals self-hate. There are a lot of light skinned women who tan all day, looking to get a shade or two darker too. Why don’t we have the same conversations when the case is the reverse.

“I feel like if you wake up in the morning and your skin is looking dull and you’d like to brighten it, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it as far as it is done safely.

“It’s all about maintaining your skin and your skin journey is not always going to be the same. Certain people have started from acne to clean and clearer skin. While some have started from dark spots to having them faded out and having the skin progress in time.”

Makinwa added that hypocrisy is why many people are not comfortable to let others know that they are using skin lightening products.


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