I must begin by making a huge apology for the title of this article. I’m sorry because it’s possible that no matter what you do, you might not be able to get rid of acne “forever”.


This is because, while some people’s acne could be a result of hygiene, others could be hormonal (like that naughty acne you get whenever your period is around the corner). I was so close to adding hereditary, but I’m not sure if acne can be inherited.

Maybe their studies prove this?

Anywho, for the purpose of this article, assume that the tips I’ll be dishing are mostly for hygiene-related acne.


Okay. What could these “magical” habits be right? Well, nothing really spectacular but they sure do work!

  • Dump All Unrecommended Anti-Acne Products Now

If you’re reading this article with your smartphone or from whatever device, raise your free hand up. Walk up to where your “weird” unprescribed Anti-Acne products are, pick them up, and throw them in the bin right now.

What are you sitting doing there chuckling? Please get up and trash those bad guys.


We’ve all had our fair share of weird Anti-Acne recommendations like toothpaste, no-groundnut diet, etc.

It’s so shocking the sort of recommendations some family members, friends or quacks would advise you to try out. Please stay away from these products as they could even make your acne worse, permanent, disfigure your skin, or something much worse. Instead, consult a dermatologist or expert.

  • Wash Your Face At Least Twice Daily

It’s hard to maintain proper face care and experience acne. And the very first step in facial hygiene or care is washing your face.

It’s fair if you do not feel like having a bath or shower more than once daily. However, it’s very important to wash your face twice daily. Preferably, mornings and at night.

  • Stop using face wipes in place of not washing your face at night

I had to put that in all caps so you get how important this matter is. Sometimes, I get it, we’re too tired to wash our faces or even bath. But irrespective, wash your face with water and good soap, and then maybe use a wipe (although this might be unnecessary).

It also doesn’t matter if you wear makeup or not as it applies to persons who wear makeup and those who do not or who do not wear it often.

While it is great to wash your face. please do so in moderation (in this case, twice) and not more. Overwashing your face can be as problematic as not washing or worse. In the school of facial and skincare, overdoing is as bad as undergoing or worse. Keep this in mind during your facial cadre journey and your skin and face will thank you.

  • Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

Do you know what they say about a thing happening three times? Three’s a charm. And this doesn’t mean you should exfoliate thrice.


I just repeated exfoliate thrice for emphasis because it is an important part of your face care routine.

Keep your facial exfoliating twice to once weekly depending on your skin type. And remember, you do not want to overflow it in the exfoliating department either.

There is a range of exfoliating products but organic and otherwise to from. Choose wisely.

  • Stop Touching Your Face, Please

Some of us are face touchers, and I personally, belong to this club. Small thing and we’re touching a part of our faces either as we’re deep in thought, or just in general body language.


Face touching is a no-no in the acne bible and you have to make conscious efforts to refrain from touching your face, or at least, reduce the number of times you do so

Constantly touching the skin on your face could trigger acne-causing reactions and boom, the spots appear.

  • Change Your Pillowcases Frequently

You probably know this one and it really is a thing. The dirtier your pillowcase or sheet gets, the more prone your face and skin are to not only acne but other facial and skin irritations.

So change your sheets and cases as often as possible, and make use of lightly scented soaps or detergents when washing them.

After all, cleanliness is next to godliness. And we know, that acne does not align with godliness.

Do you find these tips helpful? Enjoyed this read? Or care to comment on this article? Say your mind in the comment section, please.

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