Fans of David ‘Davido’ Adeleke believe his sound is gradually changing and they fear that he may lose his following in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.


The fans, who were commenting on his new single, Coolest kid in Africa, complained that his recent releases since signing to Sony Music have failed to sound like any of his old songs.

While some berated him on YouTube for “selling out”, a few others appreciated his versatility.

“Sony is beginning to influence Davido. In the end, he will lose the African market and he has no chance with the international market. This song, How long ft Tinashe and Gbabe oshi will die a natural death in Nigeria. I’ll advise Davido to enjoy the perks while it last, and while he is at it, record songs with Nigerian content and save for later when he finally leaves Sony.


“As far as I am concerned, all singles he has released so far are messed up. Good videos but messed up. Davido if you are reading this be smart with Sony, you are already made, Nigeria and Africa are all the market you need,” said Prince Opara.

He added: “Most of Davido’s fan base across his social media platforms are 70% Nigerian, 90% African. So isn’t it smart business wise to do music that appeals to your core fans?

“Sony no send am oh! They are out to make money, and if his upcoming album doesn’t gain much traction sales wise, his contract won’t be renewed and eventually a legal battle might ensue with both parties in the nearest future it care is not taken.


“This music is good internationally but in Nigeria, it doesn’t resonate at all. In the end, it is Nigeria that matters not even Africa or the western world.”

Baby Doll Branda expressed similar sentiments, saying: “Biggest nightmare has come to life. Nigerian artist changing their ways to make trash like this.

“Davido you are losing your originality, leave trap music to Fetty Wap n the rest,” said Kelvin Mwendia.

Another fan with the username, Mr. Sivram, urged him to learn from D’banj’s mistake after the latter’s career suffered a nosedive locally, due to his international foray.


“Davido should not move too far from Nigerian music. You can’t sell American music to Americans. Don’t end up like D’banj,” the fan said.

Destin Liburd also criticised the singer for describing African women with a vulgar term on one of his new songs.

But it was not all doom and gloom for Davido as some of the commenters approved of his versatility and newfound sound.

“I don’t think I mind Davido’s diversity in music. If he sounds good doing trap music… why not?” Dan Daniel asked.


In the same vein, Drezi Collinz said: “This song is nice. Ya’ll should appreciate the fact that our artists are able to do different types of music. Even Yemi Alade is experimenting with house music.”

Thomas, a Nigerian based abroad, said Davido’s new song ‘Coolest kid in Africa’, is loved by his friends.

“So this track comes on and dudes in the park ask me who it is? I tell them its a Nigerian artist called Davido along with Nasty C from South Africa. They love the jam. You have to understand something; David was paid an amount of money by Sony to deliver four albums.

“These albums will be owned by Sony, every show he does, Sony will get a cut. But the truth of the matter is that even if he flops, he already has the biggest cut of the money from the deal in his bank account.”


He continued: “If he likes, he should make 4 foolish albums for Sony, then become a free agent and make a dope 5th album as HKN/DMW. The bottom line is that he is making money and still relevant. The Sony deal is so large that Davido can afford to buy a 2016 private jet without worrying about touching his savings account.”

But a fan commenting as Official Spectacle disagreed with him, asking that: “Why do Africans feel the need to sell out to the American style of music?

“Let’s take an example from the Jamaicans. Anywhere they go and any song they do, they stick to their roots, reggae and dancehall sound and culture to the point that the international artiste they are collaborating with has to make their song have a Jamaican influence.”

This point of view was countered by another commenter, Wizdomination Parks, who said every artiste is allowed to explore new sounds.

“What’s wrong with an artist exploring themselves and trying new things? You can’t expect someone to stay the same or stick to something just coz people are used to it.

“We as humans need to grow, try new things, explore. It doesn’t mean we will always get it right but you’ll always learn something.”

Davido has released videos for Gbagbe Oshi, How Long and Coolest kids in Africa since signing to Sony Music.

The Dami Duro singer has also put out an EP ‘Son of Mercy’ under the international record label.

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