Phones are very private items, and people don’t appreciate others snooping on their devices, irrespective of familiarity.

While you might share a considerable level of intimacy with your partner, it is not always a good practice to go through their phones, especially without their permission.

It might be very tempting to spy on your partner’s phone especially when you have suspicions. However, below are seven reasons to resist the temptation.

It breeds distrust

Having to look through partner’s phone without their consent creates room for distrust from both parties.

It is self-destructive

If you snoop on your partner’s phone and find incriminating evidence, you get worried and worked up; if you don’t, guilt consumes you. Either ways, you steal your inner peace, and in the end, you lose.

It is addictive

Once you start, you can’t just bring yourself to stop. You snoop tomorrow and the day after until it becomes a habit.

Creates illusion

You see something in everything, even if there is nothing.

Makes room for quarrels

When you spy on your partner’s phone, you unconsciously begin to act based on information found therein, therefore casing unnecessary quarrels between you both.

Breach of confidential information

Sensitive and confidential information relating to work or business may be saved on your patner’s device, and snooping on their phones could lead to break of confidentiality.

No solution in snooping

Having to spy on your partner’s device to get information may be a sign of poor communication. Snooping in its self cannot bridge that gap and cannot provide a solution. Your best bet is to be open and talk things through with your partner.

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