The start point of most romantic relationships is usually an attraction to certain qualities of another person and the will to let them know, hoping they’ll be on the same page.

However, beyond the control of most of us, the subjects of our attraction and love aren’t always interested, thus, creating a situation of wanting someone who simply doesn’t feel the same way.

Ironically, while we love those that do not love us, there are others who seek our attention but we may not be interested in them.

Reasons for rejections could be subject to the needs of an individual.

People go into relationships for different reasons such as looks, behaviour, social status, finances, etc.

Some of these reasons are why we reject those that love us and chase after those that don’t want us; we are after what we want in those individuals we want and they are after what they want in other people.

In the instance of unreciprocated love, people who don’t know how to take no for an answer will continue to express their feelings, hoping for a change of attitude from their subject of interest.

Dealing with this kind of rejection could sometimes take a psychological toll on an individual, where the rejected is trapped in a bubble of questions, wondering why he/she was turned down.

This, for some, could lead to an obsession and the individual involved may begin to gradually shut down and reject other opportunities to love.

These feelings of unwantedness, inadequacy, self-pity and self-doubt are some of the reasons why some of us are still single.

Just maybe, it is time to allow yourself to desire another and be desired again.

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