It is never easy to discern if you are in a toxic relationship.


It is hard to see the whole picture when you’re standing in the middle of the frame.

From clouded judgment to making excuses for your partner, you may end up committing to a lifetime of toxicity.

Here are nine ways to know it’s time to break up.


You can’t be yourself

When you don’t feel comfortable enough to be your truest self around them, you may end up spending a lifetime feeling trapped.

They are possessive 


Everyone wants to be valued as a human being but no one wants to be treated like property. When your partner is always lording over all your life affairs, it’s time to call it quits.

They resist change 

Change is the only way to evolve and grow. In a relationship, you have to take certain risks together, work towards a better life for both you. But when you’re partner refuses to step out of their comfort zone for something clearly beneficial, they aren’t the best option.

They don’t compromise for your growth


Sometimes you may have to relocate for your partner or give up on that expensive car to fund your partner’s education or business.

When your partner finds it burdensome to sacrifice for you, they may not truly love you.

They use sex are a bargaining tool 

When your partner withholds sex to punish you or offers sex in return for something they want, you may be committed to prostitution and not a loving relationship.


They keep score 

Everyone makes mistakes at some point. Some more than others.

When your partner keeps records of all your wrongdoings, you should begin to question their intentions.

They don’t respect you


If your partner makes you feel inferior, makes you feel small in public, and acts like your opinion does not count, you should leave because you deserve to be with someone that respects you and your views.

They are passive-aggressive

Conflict must arise at some point. If your partner refuses to clearly communicate when they are upset and instead they shut you out, that character trait makes for unhealthy relationships filled with negative vibes.

They hit you

This may seem obvious but still must be emphasised.

Never second guess yourself when your partner becomes physical. Leave!

Your judgment may be clouded with the hope that they will change because you love them but that is rarely the case.

Know your worth and know that domestic abuse should never be tolerated.

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