Yomi Fash-Lanso, a Nollywood actor,  has added his voice to the call for an end to the wanton killings across the country.


The actor shared a gory picture of a slain child on his Instagram page on Tuesday, with an accompanying caption directed at President Muhammadu Buhari over the spate of killings.

Fash-Lanso said he has followed Buhari since his days in the military, adding that he was among those who risked their lives to support the president’s political ambition.

The actor said he believes Buhari could put Nigeria on the right path, but asked if he is still in control of the country.


He also asked the president if he is guilty of the allegation of tribalism against him and if the lives of cattle have more value than Nigerians.

“I followed you from 1984 – 2015 because of your INTEGRITY, ANTI CORRUPTION CAMPAIGN, TENACIOUS STAND and your ONE NIGERIA advocacy you’ve always preached,” Fash-Lanso wrote.

“Mr President I was one amongst millions of young Nigerians that put their LIFE, CAREER and FAMILY on the line to campaign for you when you showed interest in Nigeria politics because WE believe you can put Nigeria back on the RIGHT PATH, and we were so happy when you eventually won in 2015.


“Some even lost their precious lives celebrating your victory.

“But! What went wrong SIR?

“Sir, are you still in CONTROL of SECURITY and SAFETY of LIVES and PROPERTY in Nigeria?

“Sir, are you now TRIBALISTIC as been alleged by some quarters in Nigeria?


“Sir, are you carrying out a FULANI AGENDA has been alleged by some quarters in Nigeria?

“Sir, are the lives lost – been BRUTALLY and MERCILESSLY SLAUGHTERED since 2015 not Nigerians?

“Sir, are you so sure that some POLITICIANS are the ones BEHIND the mishaps befalling Nigeria?

“Sir, are the Miyetti Allah people that own up to the plateau, benue and other state killings ABOVE THE LAW?


“Sir, is life of a COW worth more than that of a HUMAN?

“Sir, is it a norm that farmers crops and vegetations which are source of SURVIVAL for them be DESTROYED because COW REARERS need to GRAZE the LAND?

“Sir, are you accepting the fact that COW REARERS are KILLERS in disguise?”

The actor urged the president to respond to his questions via actions.


“I’ll stop here sir while I and millions of Nigerians that CAMPAIGNED and VOTED for you wait for answers via ACTIONS,” he added.

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