As an alternative to the traditional contraceptive pills, scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a new form of birth control that is placed in earrings.


Acting in the same way as the pills, scientists say the contraceptive earrings passes the synthetic hormones infused in them into the bloodstream via the earlobe.

The new technology may be the future of contraceptive pills with the incidence of people forgetting to use their contraceptive pills.

In the latest edition of the Journal of Controlled Release, the scientists reported that tests have shown the earrings to be highly effective.


“Lack of adherence to medication dosing schedules is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality with large associated financial costs,” scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology said.

“This is especially true for contraceptive hormones, which provide almost perfect prevention of pregnancy when used correctly but have significant failure rates in typical use, due largely to poor adherence.

“To increase medication acceptability and adherence, we introduce pharmaceutical jewellery, in which a transdermal patch is incorporated into jewellery worn on the skin.”


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