Activated charcoal is a fine black powder made from bone char, coconut shells, petroleum coke, coal, olive pits or sawdust.


It is processed at a very high temperature which changes its internal structure, reduces the size of its pores and increases its surface area thus making it activated.

It is these pores which enable an enhanced absorption of elements by the charcoal and increases its ability to engage in chemical reactions.

Historically, activated charcoals were modelled as tools in maintaining environmental and medical cleansing processes, its’ incredible health benefits have seen an upshoot in its’ consumption in the beauty industry in recent times.


Before proceeding, it is important to note that the health benefits discussed in this article are linked to activated charcoal and not regular charcoal.

This is because while activated charcoal is specially formulated to absorb toxins, other kinds of charcoal might contain toxins and chemicals which are unsafe for consumption.

Some of the top four health benefits of activated charcoal include:


Detoxifies your body

Activated charcoals have dual-strength when it comes to detoxifying the human system. While they rid the body of harmful elements by absorbing them, these charcoals also block out the absorption of harmful compounds by the body.

With a dosage of a teaspoon of activated charcoal mixed in a glass of water, you could cleanse your body and increase the general function of the body’s systems.

Acts as a water filter


As mentioned earlier, activated charcoal was fashioned to provide solutions to environmental hazards like unclean water.

By trapping common impurities like solvents etc. found in common water sources like tap, rivers, etc. activated charcoal help eliminate bacteria or germs that could be potentially harmful to humans. With the water purifier, it becomes safe for human consumption and consequently, renders no harm, thanks to activated charcoal.

Improves skin health

Activated charcoal provides a solution to a number of tough skin conditions because it’s powerful functions extend to include the external parts of the human body.


Activated charcoal helps eliminate acne when mixed with aloe vera gel and provides relief to insect bites like a mosquito bite and bee stings when mixed with coconut oil and dabbed on the affected area.

The active charcoal has also been rumoured to help get rid of body odour.

Prevents hangover

If you drank excessively the night before and scared of a hangover, drinking some activated charcoal mixed in a glass of water can prevent a hangover.


Because the active charcoal contains absorbing abilities, consuming as little as a teaspoon of the charcoal mixed in a glass of water will reverse the potential damage from excessive drinking as well as minimizing and stabilizing any physical consequences from drinking.

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