You’ll agree that locked hair gives off an interesting look to the individual wearing it. Locs, dreadlocks, dreads, and Sanskrit are categorized as a hairstyle comprising of strands of hair in a rope-like manner formed by braiding or matting. Locs can be styled long, short, tapered, or faded.


This hairstyle hails from various cultures and regions and holds several meanings in various cultures. As easy as locs might look to cater for, these hairstyles usually require a lot of care, time, and attention. Here are some tips on the best methods to put in place when taking care of your locs:

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

There’s a popular misconception that locs do not need moisturizing. On the contrary, locs require regular moisturization. Beewax, coconut oil, water, jojoba oil, are a few examples of products which help keep locked hair moisturized.

At night time, cover your hair with a silk scarf or bonnet to lock in your hair’s moisture. Avoid using cotton scarfs, or headpieces to bed as they tend to drain out your hair’s moisture. If you can, use silk or satin bedspreads and pillowcases for additional protection.

Wash Your Locs Constantly

After a few weeks following the locking of your hair, wash your hair often. To avoid smelly scalp and hair, set up a wash day routine to attend to your hair’s cleaning needs. Avoid conditioner products which leave your hair lump and dry.

Practice Routine Scalp Massages

Massaging your scalp will stimulate hair growth which is a great way to give you the hair length you desire.

Retwist Your Locs Sparingly

There’s no need to constantly re-loc your hair as this has the tendency of causing hair breakage and hair damage, subsequently. Substitute styling your hair in creative styles for re-locking too often. Additionally, make sure to moisturize your hair and scalp before twisting or re-locking for damage control.


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