You’ve picked a co-worker you barely know as your partner for Secret Santa. The feeling of excitement and dread might wash over you because you have to make an amazing impression with your gift.


But how? How can you pick the perfect gift to play Secret Santa best? Simple. By carefully thinking your gift idea thoroughly, and going for items which are of top quality.
Here are some gift ideas to help you make a decision on your gift idea:

Reusable Water Bottle

How many times does your colleague drink water at the office? Exactly! As many times as possible. Gifting your colleague a durable reusable water
bottle will definitely get their sincerest approving smile. Stores like Miniso, shelf up assorted designs and sizes of water bottle in various colours. To play it safe, go for neutral colours like black, grey or rose gold.

If you’re not a fan of the Japanese franchise, scroll through your social media feed for trusted souvenir marketers who might even offer you customized versions of the item.

Indoor Plant

Is your colleague a sucker for nature and pro-environment? Then gift them a nice indoor plant. Local florists usually have various plants, herbs
and flowers on sale. The trick in shopping plants is in determining the kind of personality your colleague has. Think daisies or lavenders for that fashionista colleague and wild cactus for that beast-mode colleague. If you come across rare breeds of plants, gift them to your colleagues and you might just end up being friends for life.

Power banks and Charger

Every true Nigerian understands the importance of power banks and chargers, therefore, this is a safe item to bet on gifting. Some power banks come with USB and IOS charger ports, making them the ideal for anyone. When shopping power banks, take note of the voltage capacity. Always go for higher voltage cap[acity power banks which are more durable.

Oh, and if you noticed your colleague struggling with a withering charger plastered all over, include an original charger in the same mark as their cellphone.

Reusable Cutlery

Who wouldn’t wish to eat their lunch with classy cutlery right? Again, stores like Miniso offers an array of cutlery options but online vendors and even local market vendors will have some specially crafted cutlery for sale. Gift your colleague the freshest set of cutlery and always be on their mind when they have lunch at work.

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