If you ever want a break from makeup, then you should consider going for a fresh-cleaned and healthy face for your next outing.

Having a naturally beautiful face, free from piles of foundation, mascara and other makeup products is one way to look unique in a group of powdered faces.

Besides, going without makeup can also boost your self-confidence with very little efforts.

While some social events may require you to add some glow to your face using makeups, it is important to note that you can still look radiant and fashionable without applying any single cosmetic on your face.

These beauty tips will keep you looking great with a make-up free face;

Groom your eyebrows 

Without makeups, your eyebrows become the centre of attraction on the first look at your face. Hence, you need to give it extra care.

You should consider your face shape before choosing the perfect brows styles that flatter your face. Visit your beautician to determine what’s best for you. If your eyebrows are scanty, you can stimulate hair growth by applying castor oil, petroleum jelly or olive oil on your eyebrows before going to bed.

Eyebrows serums are also an alternative for lush healthy hair growth.

Have a skincare regime

Developing a regimen for your face will help you maintain a daily radiance and youthful skin. Simple tips like washing your face twice in a day, applying sunscreen, moisturising and exfoliating are your magic wand. You can also be flexible with your beauty regimen depending on your face type.

You should avoid touching your face unnecessarily or picking on a spot, as this might loosen your skin.

Wear a great hairstyle

With a beautiful hair-do, your face naturally pops out even without applying make-up. When you pick hairstyles that accentuate your face, then you’ll realize that cosmetics are not as necessary as you taught they were.

Dental care

Investing in dental products for sparkling white teeth is worth the cost if you want to go make-up free. Having a set of healthy white teeth add chicness to your smile and your overall appearance. So floss daily to remove bacteria and plaque, buy mouthwash and brush twice daily.

Have a healthy diet

The journey to having a naturally gorgeous face starts from within. Hence, you should deliberately choose your diet. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables from time to time. Keep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Diets supplements like Vitamin A, C and E are also of great benefit to the skin.

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