The harmattan is here again! And, as usual, it came with the dry, cold, and dusty weather that can make one sick, and battle with respiratory problems like asthma and catarrh.


The Harmattan season usually occurs between the end of November and mid-March. Over the period, dry dusty northeasterly trade winds blow from the Sahara desert over the West African subregion to the Atlantic Ocean.

During this period, one will also experience cracking of the lips, dryness of the skin, and dehydration.

To stay nourished or minimise the effects of the harmattan, it is advisable to take enough water to reduce dehydration.


Some foods are also recommended to nourish your skin and keep it away from drying and flaking. Eat one or more of these foods to stay healthy during the harmattan season.

  • Eggs

Eggs are a great source of essential nutrients like vitamin B6, B12, vitamin D, protein, calcium, and many more. The protein and lutein inside eggs help to regenerate dry skin and also help to keep it hydrated. So to avoid dry skin during this period, take at least an egg per day (preferably boiled).

  • Seafood

Kinds of seafood like salmon, mackerel, Titus are good for the period. These are oily fishes that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which act as a skin moisturizer by keeping the skin in the right moisture. The fishes are also like an anti-aging recipe — yes because it helps iron out the wrinkles in the skin. It is good to consume some of these fishes daily during this season to nourish your skin.

  • Avocado

Avocado is nutrient-filled with vitamin E, a natural moisturizer. It will help keep your skin moisturized and will boost your skin protection against harmful UV rays that can toughen out your skin.

  • Vegetables

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Green leafy vegetables are no doubt nutrients filled. These vegetables are filled with vitamin E, vitamin B, and vitamin A which help to hydrate your skin and give it protection against harsh weather conditions. This nature’s gift to man should always be added to your diet during this season.

  • Fruits

Fruits like watermelon, carrot, pineapple are good for the season because they are low in calories, contain no fat, and supply significant doses of certain vitamins and minerals. However, carrot is doubly filled with vitamin A which supports the health of your skin, teeth, and bones as well. Carrots help protect against skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays. To minimise or reduce the effect of the harmattan on your skin, please take more fruits.


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