Isn’t it weird that you’ve stumbled on an article promising tips on “how to be a good friend?” I mean what could we want to possibly want to unveil that a true friend doesn’t already know right?


Friendship is not a strange word and is usually associated with love, loyalty, trust, happiness, common goals, and respect.

By definition, friendship is a mutual relationship between one or more persons usually referred to as; friends. And by extension, most people usually have at least one friend.

Having friends and knowing that you have a person or group of persons with whom you are certain to love you and have your back is one of the most comforting feelings in the world. But just like everything we know, friendships exist in two dimensions; good and bad.


If you’re reading this and are not certain whether you are a good friend, you’ll probably want to stick around. So what does it mean to be a good friend? These tips might be of help:

  • Be Yourself

A no-brainer right? But a fact that cannot be omitted. A true friend is someone who is transparent.

Do not try to be someone else just to be friendly or friends with someone; that will just not do. Always be yourself and the right people will find you.


More importantly, no one really wants to be friends with a wannabe or pretender.

  • Always Be Honest With Them

Being honest with a loved one can be tough especially when they’re in a vulnerable state. You may feel the need to want to tell a [white] lie to make them feel better. However, this could backfire.

Always bear in mind that a friend is the one person you shouldn’t be dishonest with no matter how they may feel at the time.

Additionally, always keep every promise made to a friend. 

  • Be Their Cheerleader

Nobody is a better cheerleader than a good friend. You want to be the biggest motivator of your friends in every situation. Are they getting ready for a big work presentation? On a weight-loss journey? On a journey to self-discovery? Whatever it is, you owe it to be at the frontlines cheering on your friends.

Doing otherwise would simply make you a bad friend, or more appropriately, the “enemy”.

  • Always Keep In Touch With Them

What’s a friendship without communication? Whether your friends are close by or miles away, one of the ways to be a good friend is to always keep in touch with them

The internet has provided convenient ways to achieve this whether it’s through video calls, texts, or just voice calls. 

  • Always Lend A Listening Ear To Your Friends

Always be there when your friends need a listening ear. Whether it’s just to rant or vent about the things going on in their lives.

Sometimes, it might get pretty scary having to just listen to your friend’s problems without having a solution. But that’s fine. Remember that you don’t have all the answers and you do not control everything. The very best you may do for your friend in need could be to just sit and genuinely listen to them.

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