Since we learnt how to walk, we’ve always had a reason to walk from place to place. Whether it’s walking from our cars to a building, or just walking in the park, we’re all familiar with the concept of walking which is free, easy to do, and sometimes, fun.


However, it’s easy to forget just how important walking is and how beneficial it can be to our health.

So next time you walk, don’t forget this

  • Lightens One’s Mood

Notice how much energy you feel after taking a walk? This is no coincidence. Walking releases pain-killing endorphins which improves a person’s emotional state.


In addition to this, walking increases oxygen flow through a person’s system. This exercise increases substantially, the levels of cortisol, epinephrine, and norepinephrine hormones which elevate energy levels.

Basically, walking will improve your mood more than you may think.

  • Strengthens The Heart

Consistent walking at least five times weekly reduces an individual’s risk of heart diseases. In fact, if a person increases the distance and duration they walk on a weekly basis, the more their chances at fighting coronary diseases.

  • Strengthens Muscles

Weak muscles have adverse effects on a person’s general physique. Hence the importance of maintaining strong muscles. And one way of ensuring strong muscles is through physical activities.

Like every type of exercise and fitness routine, walking helps tone your muscles. Specifically the abdominal and calf muscles. You get extra points [toned arms] if you pump them as you walk.

To really get a great deal on calf or leg tone, consider walking up hilly areas, stairways, or places with an incline. Combining walking incline areas with other tone-friendly routines are quick and enjoyable ways of gaining those tones you’ve always craved.

  • Relieves Joint Pains

Ever experienced relief from joint pains after or during a walk? Walking helps protect the joints like the knees, and hips from pain as it lubricates the muscles supporting these joints.


Interestingly, making a habit of walking will improve an individual’s chances of getting arthritis. For patients suffering from arthritis, walking also helps improve their conditions and pains.

  • Helps Burns Calories

You may not know this, but walking is also an effective form of physical activity which encourages weight loss. But it is no easy feat.

Losing weight from walking will be dependent on certain factors like; your current weight, the environment you walk, the distance you cover, and your walking speed. 

As mentioned earlier, walking on uphill places is more effective than on flat surfaces. Also, the more distance covered is important, longer distances being more effective. Finally, paying attention to your walking speed is important should you want to shed some weight. Hence, brisk walking is the key.


Summarily, walking is one of those undervalued physical activities with tons of advantages and health benefits.

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