Accidents happen and as ‘accident’ implies, you probably didn’t expect it.


In a situation where you or someone else is hurt and you can’t get to the hospital timely, what do you do?

First of all, you don’t need a medical degree to perform first aid.

First aid simply means putting a lid on the situation before you can seek professional help.


You become the first line of defense, for yourself or someone else, and as such you must be equipped with the necessary tools to save a life.

Antiseptic wash

Soap and water are the most effective for cleaning but when a water source is not available it’s good to have antiseptic wash around.


Gauze pads

Gauze pads should always be part of your first aid arsenal.

They come in many sizes, but it’s best to buy the largest size and cut them down if necessary.



Useful for cutting gauze pads, adhesive tape, shoelaces, and clothing.

Invest in a good pair of curved medical scissors. Pointed sewing scissors can be difficult to manage in an urgent situation and could lead to further injury.


Adhesive tape

Adhesive tape comes in handy for many first aid needs, including forming splints and securing gauze pads.


Instant cold pack

An instant cold pack is essential to ease swelling of bumps and bruises when you lack access to ice.

It’s a good idea to purchase several since these are for one use only.

Latex gloves

Latex gloves help keep both parties –the injured and anyone giving first aid — safe from bacteria, disease, and other harmful conditions.


Band-aids take care off all sorts of small injuries. One should buy a box with a variety of sizes and shapes to cover all your bases.

Today’s band-aids also come with added antibacterial protection. Note that Band-aid is a brand name; there are many other brands of adhesive bandages.


Tweezers are great for splinters, removing ingrown hairs or hangnails.

Sting and bite treatment

When children play outside — ant bites, stings, and other insect issues arise.

Keeping a bite and sting kit around will help ease the pain. If a member of your party is actually allergic to bee or other insect stings, an Epi-pen is absolutely essential.

Also, if there is a real danger of anaphylactic shock, it’s important to establish that an Epi-pen is with you at all times.


Bandages are ideal for twists, sprains, and other minor injuries to knees, ankles, and arms.

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