Kaffy, the Nigerian dancer, has urged women to cultivate the habit of dancing regularly.


The entrepreneur said this would reduce stress, keeping them fit and productive in their various professions.

Kaffy spoke at the 2023 Lagos Women Dance event on Saturday at the national stadium.

The event was hosted by Jela Projects Limited in conjunction with Seed Rehabilitation Foundation.


Kaffy said the organisers look to empower women for business, helping them with education and more.

The dancer spoke of the added benefits that accrue to such physical activities as dancing.

“A wellness mind is a productive mind. Also, a full belly is productive. But you can have a full belly and still be worried or stressed. I think both should go together,” she said.


“Whatever we are doing for women, we should not forget that the stress of being a woman in Africa is enough to break a woman.

“So, my message here is to encourage women to understand that health is wealth, but the mind that carries the body is actually the vault of where productivity lies and we need to protect that space.”

Kaffy said the backbone of human living is continuous movement, and dance, as a way to move, is fun.

She argued that the body, mind, and soul benefit immensely from dancing.


“So, if the body moves, the mind cannot tell the difference between a body that is moving positively or negatively,” Kaffy said.

“Therefore, we always encourage people, even when we use dance as therapy, no matter your negative condition, when you get up and dance, you can never return angry or sad.

“Dance melts that sadness, tension and also, your physiology: cardiovascular system, digestive system, muscular system. every part of your body is benefitting from dance.

“So, when I talk about being an advocate for dance, it is not only for entertainment but for human excellence; we need to move in order to live.”


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