When it comes to bones, calcium and vitamin D are key players. Calcium keeps the bone healthy, while vitamin D helps our body absorb calcium.


Calcium and vitamin D are two major nutrients that play important roles in healthy bones.

These nutrients are so important that as early as possible, they should be included in a child’s diet.

In addition to being a big deal in the bone formation of young children, these nutrients also help minimise the chances of bone-related diseases in people as they age.


Here are five everyday food items that are rich in bone health and protection.

Milk and dairy products

Most times when you think about calcium, the first food that comes to mind is milk.


About three glasses of milk will provide your body with about 30 percent of the recommended daily dose of calcium.

On the other hand, yoghurt is also fortified with vitamin D and calcium which could supply a high percentage of the daily dosage you require.

Cheese is another food rich in calcium.

Green vegetables


Vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, and okra are great sources of calcium and therefore, should be included in your diet for building stronger bones and teeth.

The key types of vegetables responsible for good bone function are dark green leafy vegetables.


Egg yolks contain little amount of vitamin D. However, this superfood should be included in your diet for strong bones and good bone health.


By cultivating the habit of including eggs in your daily diet, you set yourself up for a daily dose of vitamin D.

Fish (sardines and salmon)

Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which boosts bone functions. This fish also contains vitamin D and some research claims it discourages osteoporosis in women.

Sardines too are great sources of vitamin D and calcium and they make a great addition to your diet.


Effects of poor bone health, like osteoporosis and rickets, can be avoided by maintaining a high level of calcium and vitamin D-rich diet.

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