The art of tucking in shirts and tops is almost synonymous to looking formal, primp and neat. But with evolving trends, you can tuck in your shirt and still make impressive fashion statements.


Whether for casual outings or corporate events, these tips will help you tuck your shirts properly yet stylishly.

Full tuck

This has been around for a long time and is your best option for a formal occasion. Tuck your shirt in the front, and work your way around. To avoid bulky bulges make sure to push the fabric as far down as possible. You can create a little lip in your midriff section by pulling your tucked shirt or blouse out just a little bit.


Front tuck

Front tucks are bests for shirts with side slits and your choice for casual events. Gently separate the front parts of your shirt and tuck them in your pants or skirt. Ensure the back panel are left hanging smooth and neatly at your behind.

Navel tuck


One street-style to consider when styling your shirt is the navel style. As its name suggests, this tuck seats under your navel. Grab the middle part of your shirt or blouse and tuck into your trousers. Create a tiny fold with the hanging edges of your blouse. Navel tucks look exceptionally voguish on trousers.

Side tuck

This is another trendy way to add extra fun when pairing your button-down shirts. All you need do is to tuck three-quarters of your shirt in, save for a flap hanging out the front.

Low tuck


The low tuck is just like a full tuck but hangs very low on your waist line. It is often used to acheive a laid-back and relaxed look.

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