Orgasms and climax are two far-fetched things for most when it comes to sexual intercourse. While most men won’t admit to not experiencing this, most women, however, have never experienced it in their lives.


Also, men have been called selfish and whatnot because, once they reach climax, the sex is over, leaving the women halfway through the pleasure and having to deal with it by themselves. I’ve heard a lot of women say that they were nearly there when their partner ejaculated and they couldn’t, for the life of them, say it should go on.

Well if that is you then this is for you. There are three ways to get the both of you to hit climax at the same time. However, in this case, you may likely stimulate yourself more and earlier in other to achieve this and also this is solely based on the sexual preference of your partner.

However, I’ve been able to boil it down to three common preferences and how they would work.


Touching yourself. Touching yourself helps to stimulate you faster enough to climax just about when he would too. This works well when both of you are very much into the act and you know this isn’t the beginning or near climaxing phase. This enables you to attain orgasm when gets to the point.

Smacking his butt. Most times, you may be reaching orgasm but he isn’t there yet and if you don’t succumb to yours, you may lose it and you’d have to go another round to recover it. When this happens and you’re sure you’re ready to hit climax, smacking his butt stimulates him more thereby making him to attain orgasm just as you head there too.

Running your finger through his back in a seductive manner. This is another method to attain orgasm if you are in number two’s position. Running your nails in a sensual manner through his back would stimulate any guy into hitting climax but this time, with you.


Smacking your butt. Alerting him to smack your butt would help stimulate you faster if you are in number one’s position.

Find a position that works. Sometimes you may be using the wrong sexual position in order to attain orgasm. Try out some new positions such as cowgirl and reverse cowgirl.

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