Every relationship, no matter how romantic they might be at the onset, has its flaws and strong suit, with the manner in which couples approach the former being what ends up making the difference.


However, lovers and would-be couples often get delusional with regard to certain profound truths in relationship, something that pushes them to create false stereotypes and abide by misleading convictions that ends up spelling trouble.

To avoid mincing words, here are seven profound truths relationships share in common, although many would always be swift in disagreeing.

The right one


For many single persons, not having found the right person is the reason for putting the kibosh on potential relationships—even when there isn’t actually ‘right one’ hanging around.

While this is not a licence to hookup with partners who fall below one’s preset moral standards, general relationship values are delicate pacts that are built as the relationship progresses—they’re not ready-made.

Romance fades


Getting too busy with career and other daily routines could undoubtedly quell the primordial romance in any relationship over the course of time. This shouldn’t freak you out since it is not unexpected.

Being adventurous in all sense of the word, spending ‘quality’ time together irrespective of hectic schedules, sharing memories and recreating your first date together in romantic escapades would help tackle the fading passion in the relationship.

Unrealistic expectations

Most people have highly demanding expectations and this pushes them to enforce preset prototypes on their would-be partners. In cases when these are unmet, problems abound.


Many expect their partners to readily anticipate their wants, always be sexually available and insatiable, always be the same person and handle problems unerringly. But in most cases, these aren’t so different from mere fantasies.

There’ll be hard times

No relationship is perfect as every couple often find that there have their own share of knotty issues to work out. Some relationships could hurt from very little things that others consider to be easily surmountable.

In extreme cases, every logical force would yodel it repeatedly that calling it quits would be ideal. But the manner of approach put out to tackle these hurdles is what eventually tells on how long the relationship is maintained.


False assumptions

Prior to hooking up with potential partners, your ideas about them might not be all that logical and are often built on previous relationship attachments and deductions from a sequence of experiences with that person.

Knowing this beforehand would brace up your emotions against the shock of finding that your assumptions about them are faulty or that you’re hooked up with totally different person—whether for the good or otherwise.

Loving versus being in love


People often fail to understand that loving someone and being in love are two different things. While the former could stem from infatuation; possessiveness; or obsession, the latter is more selfless and about how you make them feel.

Being in love means you worry about how to make your partner feel loved and mistaking one of these for the other could lead to regrettable relationship decisions, one which a person might suffer longer than expected.

Secrets have weight

One can never over-reiterate the extra nourishment that a heart-to-heart conversation addressing obvious, yet, unconveyed concerns that stunt the growth of the relationship could have.

Relationship issues could be more weighty than envisaged. Some secrets could be juicy; others could be scandalous. But is only logical that you always avoid hiding things that could end up putting a rift between you two.

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