Majority of your day is spent behind your desk and if you’re being completely honest, it can get boring just staring at an empty or plain-looking desk all through.


If this is what you’re currently going through, then maybe, the solution you need, is stepping up your work desk game by several notches.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a 9 to 5 worker, freelance, or stay-at-home worker, having your designated working area well decorated can be all the difference you need.

As complicated as it sounds, decorating your work desk should be fun, and easy-to-do. All that is need to keep at the back of your mind is that your decorations should be personalized to your taste and affordable to you.


Some simple items that can transform your work desk include;

1. Plants in cute-sized vases

Source: Plant, Quills Group

There’s nothing more refreshing than looking up from your task and having your gaze meet a plant. You may be skeptical about getting a plant because you’re worried about keeping it alive.


However this doesn’t have to be the case. Indoor plants like cactus do not require too much of your attention. Just love them and they’re good to go. A plant will add more colour and texture to your space.

2. Picture Frame

Picture Frame, FreePik

Pictures capture and freeze wonderful memories for a lot of us. Spice up your work desk with your best pictures. The good thing is that they are no limits to the number of pictures you can keep on your desk.

Go for cute, artsy, minimalistic frames to make your pictures stand out. You can also consider installing a mini line to hang your pictures on.


3. Desk Lamps

Lamp, Banggood

Having a Desk Lamp is a brilliant ideas as lamps double as both decorative pieces and a source of light. Again, considering your taste, go for lamps which best reflect your personality and taste.

Do you know some lamp designs are LED, energy saving, and rechargeable and can work without electricity?

4. Personalized Mug

Custom Mug, Pinterest

We nearly always have to drink some tea, or coffee in between completing a task. Adding a little bit of A-game to your mug by personalizing it can make a lot of difference on your desk.

Mug personalization ideas are as countless as your imaginations are.

5. Pillows

Pillow, Yanko Design

If you’re prone to napping during work hours, yes, you, then adding some pillows to your desk can make a big difference. You can make use of a customized pillows or use generic ones.


But one thing to factor in, is making sure the pillow is fluffy enough for comfort. Oh, also, you know how your back hurts sometimes after sitting at the desk for too long? Say goodbye to those annoying pains with fluffy pillows. You’re welcome.

6. Note or Card Holders

Card Holder, SynergyNow

For organizing your notes and cards, go for card holders suiting your taste. Trust that while you’re organizing, you’ll also be adding a bit of artsy touch to your desk area.

7. Artsy Desk Organizer

Desk Organizer, Etsy

Your stationary would look better off in an organizer. And what better way to take care of this need than make use of a desk organizer.

There’s absolutely no way you’ll get wrong with one!

8. Desktop Stand

Laptop Stand, Wirecutter

Laptop stands, especially ergonomic kinds are great for the longevity of laptops as well as improving one’s posture. This in turn helps to reduce eye strain, and bad posture.

Desktop and Laptop stands come in various shapes and sizes and are available for purchase online and in big stores.

9. Cutlery Set

Culinary Set, Epicurious

If you’re likely to eat lunch at your desk, then getting a cutlery set is a great idea. Think about it, you’ll not have to buy or ask others for a fork or spoon to eat.

More importantly, you’ll be saving the environment of lot of single-use plastics by making use of reusable cutlery.

10. Mirror

Mirror, iDiva

Ladies. You’ve mostly done this: reach into your bag, or drawer to retrieve a mirror and check for lipstick stains, food stains, reapply lipstick or lip gloss, powder your face and etc. the point is that at some point during work hours, you’re likely to be staring at your own reflection: and not as a scientific experiment.


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