Abosede Aloba, the mother of Mohbad, has alleged that Joseph Aloba is not the biological father of the late singer. 


Mohbad died under mysterious circumstances on September 12. He was buried the following day.

On September 21, the body of the 27-year-old music star was exhumed by the police for autopsy.

In a voice recording circulating on social media, Abosede described Aloba as a “thief” who is only interested in exploiting Mohbad’s death for financial gain.


She also gave him a three-day ultimatum to undergo a DNA test to ascertain if he was the father of Mohbad.

“You will know that Baba Mohbad is not the biological father of Mohbad,” she said.

Abosede also accused Aloba’s lawyer of “pushing him and not allowing him to do the right thing” for his children.


“Is it justice for Mohbad you are looking for? Is he your sibling? Do you want justice or you are trying to steal money,” she said.

“You’re disturbing Nigerians, dribbling them left and right. Have you forgotten you have your children? What you’re making my son face, you shall face it too.

“You thief! I give you three days to do DNA; you’ll know that Baba Mohbad is not the biological father of Mohbad”.

She also claimed Joseph and his lawyer are out to exploit Mohbad’s death for financial benefits.


“You know I’m married to someone else. He (Joseph Aloba) is not the father of those kids; he’s just taking money on their behalf, and you say you’re looking for justice for Mohbad,” she said.

“You’re pushing him and did not allow him to do the right thing for the children. I know all of you are pushing him. By God’s grace, if it is my two breasts he drank, you all will be mocked.

“You kept his body where he was. It’ll be your turn soon; that’s how it will be for all of you. I know he is not his father because if he’s, he will not be doing all these.”

In October 2023, Abosede said she only started to have a cordial relationship with Mohbad in 2019.


Joseph also disclosed that he had separated from the late singer’s mother for 15 years.

Abosede claimed that after the police performed the autopsy on Mohbad, the body was released to Joseph for burial.

She alleged that Aloba refused to “release the corpse for burial despite the pleadings”.

Joseph, however, warned that nobody should collect his son’s body for burial without his approval.


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