Teni Apata, Nigerian singer, says she recorded ‘Dads Song’, a track off ‘Wondaland‘, her debut album, while watching footage of her father’s funeral.


The singer brought the revelation to light during a recent episode of #WithChude wherein she reflected on, her album, career, and the pains of losing loved ones.

According to her, the project is aimed at helping others who have also lost a loved one to grapple with the attendant reality that comes with such experience.

The musician said the footage of her dad’s burial helped to whip up fond memories of her late dad and the needed emotions required for the song.


Teni also revealed that she lost her father at a very young age.

“Dad’s song is a song for everyone that has lost someone. Dealing with loss is crazy because people tell you that you’ll get over it, but you never get over it. You just don’t get over loss,” she said.

“When I was recording this song I was sitting in my living room and watching my father’s funeral, his body in the casket, my mother crying. I needed those emotions to be able to record that song in its true form. Everything I sang had to be from a place of truth.”

Teniola Apata #WithChude

Teni also revealed that ‘Uyo Meyo’, her 2018 hit single, was inspired by her graduation from the varsity after battling several challenges.

“Not being able to graduate on time slowed me down from my music. My parents said, ‘if you’re going to make music, you have to graduate’. I was very frustrated,” she said.

“I remember I was in a car driving to my graduation when I recorded the song, and I was just thinking of all my hard work. My mum is from Ondo, and so ‘Uyo Meyo’ means, when others win and you celebrate with them, your own too will come.

“I was happy for my younger sister when she graduated before me, and when my turn finally came, I was happy, and that’s where that song came from.”


When asked about her view on feminism, she said: “Feminism to me is a lifestyle; in fact it’s a movement. I have always stood up for equal rights. I am coming from a place where women were in control. It is important for women to take charge. I have seen women do it so I know it’s possible.”

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