All relationships have their weaknesses and strong suits. Yet, what to expect from them might sometimes become vague – especially if one just embarked on a dating spree or plunged into any serious romantic escapade.


Although one common practice is to compare one’s relationship with that of one’s parents or other rare but relatable prototypes, we often find that relationships built on the basis of such delusional assumptions mostly come to betray the expectations that birthed them.

While it might be true that overly idealistic and unrealistic relationship expectations might be detrimental, some fundamental values like the following might prove to be the only way of telling if you’re in with the right person.



From chivalry and other romantic gestures typical of medieval marriages to mutually accepted verbal behaviours, asking for affection is one of the most fundamental demands to make of a promising relationship.

Affection can ideally be thought of as a sort of thermometer with which to gauge your partner’s interest in the union, although, the needed amount depends on what is comfortable for both partners.



While many partners are often too quick to think of sexual intercourse when intimacy is mentioned, it is noteworthy that intimacy encompasses making love but goes beyond just that. There’s also the trust factor that accompanies this.

Partners in a relationship should expect a certain degree of honest openness, one that allows them to share memories; personal details that no one else knows; and previously concealed secrets that potentially makes them vulnerable without fear of being told on.


Mutual respect is another essential relationship value that could either spell doom or bliss for both partners. While both partners may not always bear identical opinions on topical issues, each should be willing to hear each other out and consider the dynamics from the other’s perspective.


Everyone likes to feel valued, to be respected or, at least, get the impression that their abilities and opinion count. If you don’t find this in your relationship, then there are lots of questions you should ask.


Irrespective of how busy partners might be, finding time to share romantic moments and make memories with each other counts a lot – especially since relationships are judged on the basis of quality time spent together.

Although it is not uncommon for the professional life of either or both partners to get in the way of their intimacy, there shouldn’t be any sort of discomforting and unaddressed imbalance between them in terms of the time devoted to the union.



Either partner in a relationship has the right to expect some degree of generosity, albeit, not so extravagant that the other partner’s finances are unnecessarily put in the red.

The giving partner, in turn, needn’t’ be told to gift the other or find it unnecessarily difficult to yield to such material or financial demands. While expecting these things doesn’t mean you’ll always get them, it does, however, mean that it’s okay to ask.



Lack of communication is one of the leading causes of relationship failures across climes. No doubt, unsettling situations would always crop up at one point or the other in the union, most of which require the communicative approach.

There should be enough mutual connection for both partners to exchange ideas and profer solutions to tackle troubling issues. There should also be that touch of humorousness. If you find that you can’t openly discuss your concerns with your partner, then there’s a problem somewhere.

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