Love can find us in the most unexpected places and as human beings, we can hardly control who we fall in love with.


If you attracted to someone in your place of work and you’re worried about the fate of your job or about keeping your relationship and your job, the following steps can help ease your worries.

Know your company policy

Organisations have different standpoints regarding office romance. Some have no rules against it while some would insist that you inform your human resource manager of such relationships.


In some companies, office romance is frowned upon.

Be aware of your company policy and make amends to suit your job and relationship (whichever is more important).

Be honest with your partner


Although honesty is important in every relationship, you need to be more transparent with workplace relationships.

Know your partner’s stance on the relationship. Discuss and know the likely things that would happen, just in case, things get really serious.

Don’t assume that you are invisible

This is a mistake often made by people involved in an office romance.


They think no one can tell that they are involved with each other because they do not call each other pet names or publicly display affection.

Most of the time, your colleagues in the office can tell that something extra is going on.


No public display of affection


If you are lucky to find yourself in an organisation that has no policy against workplace romance, do not abuse the grace by cuddling around the office.

Romance or not, it is still a workplace and relations between both of you should be as professional as possible.

Save the arguments for after work

If there is anything worse than publicly displaying affection in the workplace, it is bringing private disagreements to the office.


This will not only affect you, it will make the atmosphere awkward and your colleagues will be walking on eggshells around both of you.


Be ready for the worst

One thing that certainly comes with office romance is baggage especially when you happen to be dating a superior.

Some colleagues might think that you are getting favours because of your relationship with the boss.

If you want to be involved in an office relationship, you must be prepared for whatever comes your way.

You might want to tell your boss

This will help with any tension and awkwardness that might arise from the relationship.

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