For many reasons, sex on a first date has remained a debatable topic, an act that could easily make or mar a relationship at its cradle stage.


Our reactions after the sex is what matters

For Isaiah Eze, a graphics designer in Lagos, relationship can get complicated when sex happens on a first date, but everything can get resolved once both parties have an open-minded conversation.

“If we went on a proper date and I gave cues that I want to have sex, and I realized we both wanted it, then it’s cool. We could still be together. Relationship can be complicated at times,” Isaiah said.


He was quick to add that what happens afterwards also depends on his initial expectation for the date.

“But if the reason we are meeting is just for fun, then it could end after the fun. Let’s say our first meeting was on a dating site, then later we met physically to chat and you look like someone I can have a one night stand, so be it.

“I am indifferent to sex on a first date,” he said.


I’ll plan to marry her

Moral standard is another factor that will determine how a guy reacts after a romantic outing ended with unplanned sex.

“My moral standard will not even allow that happen. There is a 60 per cent chance it can’t happen, but if it happens mistakenly, then I would try my best to plan towards us getting married in the future,” Philip Bintei, a civil engineer at Yaba, said.

Bintei insisted that sex is not a casual thing, and that he has no “plans to have multiple sex partners in the future”.


She is cheap

Some men still want a lady of high moral standard, even when the idea of sex on their first outing was initiated by them.

“I think she is cheap if she says yes on our first date. She should at least have some standard,” Damilola Bolaoye, a technician in his mid-twenties, said.

Temidara Aiyeyemi, an undergraduate at Yaba College of Technology, said a woman who could say no to sex on a first date, despite her emotion, would most likely be faithful in marriage.


“I would respect her if she doesn’t agree. It means she value herself, and doesn’t fall easily. Even if she likes me, I like someone who has a strong conviction. It means if she marries me, she would stay with me for life,” he said.

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