Picture this: nice ambiance, a lovely lady sitting across you over drinks, lunch, or dinner, while conversing with you. However, after your date with this babe, you cannot understand why on earth she hasn’t been picking up your calls.


If you’ve ever experienced something similar or been ghosted after a first date with a woman, then this article is the right one for you.

Too many times, guys land in this situation where a woman they like suddenly shuts them off after their first date. While her silence might not necessarily be connected to the guy, more often than not, her silence could be influenced by the guy in question.

The right place a guy might want to begin with when trying to figure out why a first date went wrong, is to know the things that turn women off. We have taken the time to summarize some things which turn women off during first dates.


Men Who Turn Up Late For Dates

Women are absolutely turned off by men who turn up late for a date. It’s like turning up late for an important work meeting — a huge no-no! Turning up late for your date creates the impression that you’re not taking her seriously enough to deserve a second date.

Just like with important meetings, turn up early for your date and if possible, show up before her. Women are always flattered by men who wait on them — yeah, call it vain, but that’s the way it is!

  • Men Who Talk Too Much

Loquaciousness can serve you well in sales and marketing but when it comes to women, you have to slow down on the talking. Almost every woman would find it hard being out with a man who just talks and talks.

To start with; a talkative date would make it extremely frustrating for the lady-in-question to talk about herself.

To make matters worse, overtalking kills the air of mystery which you should be building up during your first date. So, if you want to see that babe for date 2, speak less, listen more to what she has to say, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be lucky to get a second date.

  • Men Who Are Brag/Show Off

No one likes being around a pompous person and most especially, not a woman who is on a date with you. Think about that one person who annoys you whenever they are around you with their constant bragging and think about how a woman on a first date must feel when the man-in-question is boastful.


Not only would showing off make women uncomfortable, but they could easily be embarrassed.

  • Men Who Seem Promiscuous

Women will be turned off by a man who they think is promiscuous on a first date and you cannot blame them! It is entirely unacceptable to be looking at other women while on a date with someone.

Women will find this offensive, and will most likely not be too excited for a second date with such a guy.

  • Men Who Are Unkempt/Have Body Odour

Cleanliness is next to godliness and cleanliness is also how to avoid terrible first dates. No sane woman would be looking forward to subsequent dates with an unkempt guy.


Hence, it’s essential for a guy to “clean up nice” before going for his romantic date. Err except he’s fine.

  • Men Talking About Their Exes

No! No woman wants to hear about your ex or what happened between you and them. First dates are for getting to know each other better so stick to the present; get to know your date better, and leave your ex-drama out of the agenda for the date.

  • Men Who Want To Get Down Too Quickly

A woman could be put off by a man who’s trying to get her in bed just after a first date. This could come off as disrespectful since it seems the guy is only interested in her body and not getting to know her better.

As explained earlier, the reason she’s not hot on going on that second date with you could be for personal reasons and not necessarily about what you do.


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