The usage of pop culture catch phrases and slangs are often made widespread by entertainers; actors, singers, comedians, among others.


In Nigeria, hip-pop artiste, Olamide Adedeji, has in the past few years been the source of many popular slangs that are now in regular use.

Here are some of the slangs, which did not necessarily originate from Olamide, but were made popular by his songs.

Pepper dem gang

Pepper dem gang describes a state of success that goes beyond people’s expectations, the kind of success that makes people want to envy you.



Baddo simply means to be unstoppable and on top of one’s game.

Eni Duro

The literal translation of Eni Duro in the Yoruba language means “you dare not wait”. It’s slang connotation, however, means “you can’t square up to something or someone”.

Yahoo Boy, No laptop

A Yahoo Boy is the street title of one who dabbles into online fraud through the use of any device, most often a laptop. Hence, it is near impossible for a Yahoo Boy to function without a laptop.


In referring to himself as “Yahoo Boy, no laptop”, Olamide implies that he is extraordinary.

Kosere Ni Moscow

The literal translation means “there is no playing around in Moscow”. In slang usage, it means “there’s no time for waste”.

Shoro Niyen

Shiro Niyen, in the Yoruba language, is used to question the meaningfulness of an action, behaviour or a position. An English usage can be “does that make sense?”.


This slang became popular after the release of “Ilefo Illuminati”. Ilefo simply means to carry one’s self with a great deal of swagger and verve.


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