Deborah, daughter of Paul Enenche, senior pastor of Dunamis International gospel Centre (DIGC), says her father was not aware Osinachi Nwachukwu suffered spousal abuse.


Osinachi, who is known for her collaborative hit track ‘Ekwueme’, died at an Abuja hospital on Friday.

She was a lead vocalist in Dunamis church until her death.

There have been claims that her death was due to domestic violence.


In a statement, Deborah said her father has been an advocate against abusive marriage. The lawyer and singer also said “everything was done” to save Osinachi.

“My father has always been an advocate for removing oneself from a deeply unhealthy marriage. It is spread across the fabric of his ministry the clear fact that he has always ensured the weak are protected. It is not different in this situation,” she wrote.

“Everything was done to ensure the departed was removed from her situation and in lieu of that, she was cared for as much as possible. Bear in mind that there was no knowledge of the physical abuse. If such had come to light, we wouldn’t be here.”


Deborah said the “avoidable death” of Osinachi — who she described as “a generational voice” — has left her unsettled for days.

The lawyer vowed to ensure justice is served in the matter, adding that measures would also be taken to protect the deceased’s children.

“The deceased was very isolated from loved ones. Much of what happened, in the end, could have been avoided if she hadn’t been marooned from the ones who cared for her most,” she added.

“I believe she not only passed due to the compendium of physical hurt and pain; she died of a broken heart. I will personally do my best to ensure that the offending party in the equation is punished to the fullest extent of the law.


“He will not go scot-free. There will be many measures taken to also protect the children and her family as well.”

The police had earlier arrested Peter Nwachukwu, Osinachi’s husband, amid the allegations of domestic violence against him.

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