Olatunbosun Amao, the Nigerian-Canadian filmmaker, has called on writers and content creators to utilise the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance productivity.


Amao, in a recent interview, also said AI can provide opportunities for Nigeria’s tech economy by attracting investments that drive growth.

The movie producer said, that with his newly developed AI tech called ‘LexiGenius‘, scriptwriters can generate short stories and story ideas.

He added that the tool is designed to enhance productivity, creativity, and the overall writing experience.


“LexiGenius’s AI technology has the potential to bring substantial benefits to Nigeria’s tech economy by improving content creation, enhancing productivity, boosting education, and fostering innovation,” he said.

“It can position Nigeria as a competitive player in the global tech arena, attracting investments and driving economic growth while nurturing a skilled workforce.

“The primary target audience and users of LexiGenius include a diverse range of individuals and professionals. This includes content creators, bloggers, novelists, journalists, and other creative writers who rely on written content for their work.


“Others include content marketing, editors and proofreaders, creative writers, content agencies, E-learning platforms, freelance writers, etc.

“For now we didn’t include script writing but it will come with future updates. However, you can generate short stories and story ideas.”

The award-winning movie producer said the AI tech can also help improve the education sector.

“LexiGenius aids students in improving their writing skills. It offers real-time grammar and style suggestions, helping them write more clearly and effectively,” he added.


“This is invaluable for producing high-quality essays, research papers, and dissertations, enhancing their academic performance.

“Also, LexiGenius is a valuable time-saving tool. It accelerates the writing process, allowing students to complete assignments more efficiently. It also assists in generating ideas and refining content, enabling them to focus on research and critical thinking rather than getting bogged down by language and formatting issues. LexiGenius can be an indispensable partner in producing rigorous academic papers and theses.”

Amao is known for producing movies like ‘A Different Lens’ (2020), ‘Troublous Weekend’ (2022), ‘Unknown Disease’ (2022) and ‘Black Mail’ (2022).

He has also served as a co-executive producer on a number of award-winning feature films.


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